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Business Immigration to Canada

Business immigration to Canada offers entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled workers a wealth of opportunities to establish or expand their business ventures. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of business immigration specific to Canada, focusing on research and development, business planning, product development, marketing and sales strategies, employee recruitment and training, and financial advice. By understanding these crucial elements, individuals aiming to immigrate to Canada for business purposes can gain valuable insights and guidance to navigate the process successfully.

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Startup VISA

Marvel startup experts can assist businesses in conducting international commercialization and development activities in the Canadian market. We provide training and preparation of Startup Visa candidates for Designated Organizations. Induction of the candidates and businesses with the Incubators, Angels and VCs for our quality of preparatory work to make sure the application passes through stringent vetting process.

Corporate Management

We offer corporate management services to assist companies and organizations in overseeing and directing their operations towards success. Our comprehensive approach encompasses strategic decision-making, goal setting, and the implementation of plans to achieve desired outcomes.

Through our corporate management services, we aim to enhance the overall performance and profitability of our clients’ organizations. We work closely with them to understand their specific needs and align our strategies with their mission and vision. By leveraging our expertise in various functional areas such as finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and technology, we provide valuable insights and guidance to drive growth and success.

Startup Ventures

Are you intrested in Business or Startup Program ?

Investment Portfolio Management

Are you intrested in Business or Startup Program ?